Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor Fabrics – Beautiful Inside and Out

Outdoor fabrics like Sunbrella and Perennials are popular for their durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance. In today’s market outdoor fabrics come in modern prints and have great textures that pass for the look of high quality indoor fabrics. While we love using these fabrics on porches and patios, why not use them in our interior spaces?

For many of us, stains from kids and pets are a constant worry in popular spaces such as family and game rooms. They are also ideal for bedroom applications where strong sunlight may fade other fabrics. Outdoor fabrics can easily be cleaned without damaging the fabric. They are designed for carefree living and low maintenance, which we can all use more of!

Today’s outdoor fabrics are no longer just stripes and solids. Sunbrella fabrics are available in a variety of patterns and designs that reflect the newest trends. These companies also offer a wide variety of colors that are proven fade resistant, holding true to their color. Using outdoor fabrics inside is the perfect solution for fast-paced lifestyles, and families with pets and children.

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